Sikaman Foundation, otherwise known as the pioneer Ghanaian welfare organization in The Netherlands, was founded in June 1988 in response to the dire need by the Ghanaian community in The Netherlands to, on one hand, forge a common front against a backdrop of very challenging socio-political atmosphere that confronted the community and, on the other, help create the needed avenue for continued dialogue between the Dutch government and the Ghanaian community on matters of mutual interest. The foundation is registered at the Amsterdam chamber of commerce as a non-profit making welfare organisation with registration number 41207656 The additional core objectives the foundation set for herself, among others, are; a. Fostering the integration of Ghanaians into the Dutch society. b. Information exchange between the Dutch governmental institutions and individuals on one hand and the Ghanaian community on the other. c. Promoting the welfare of Ghanaians in The Netherlands and help them to improve on their socio-economic positions.