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10 Reasons Why You Need To Abstain From Pre-marital Sex

10 Reasons Why You Need To Abstain From Pre-marital Sex

There are many crap out there that encourages people to violate God's order. They say; ''Is it not my body, can't I do what I like with it?'' No dear, it is not your body except you have not given your life to Jesus. If you have given your life to Jesus, it means you are Born again. And when you are Born again, Jesus owns every part of your body. It is no longer yours. How do you give your life to Jesus but still say its your body? Does Jesus still owns my body when I am married? Yes, he still does. But at that time sex is permitted by God. Your spouse is permitted to your body when you are married, not when you are single. 1 Corinthians 6 Vs 15-16

Your body and my body is God's temple. If it is God's temple, it means we cannot do anything we like with it. Human Right is not superior to God's right! The creator created you to live for Him and not for you to live as you like!!

Like I wrote previously, God did not forbid sex, but he prescribed the context in which it should be done. He also prescribed when it should be done and with whom it should be done. How do I know this? The Bible is God's manual for us to live a victorious and successful life in Jesus. It is in the Bible that I read that;

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit- 1 Corinthians 6 Vs19

That the bed should remain undefiled- Hebrew 13 Vs 4

People who indulge in fornication and adultery will be judged by God and they will not inherit the kingdom of God- Hebrew 13 Vs 4

Sex (between two single people) before marriage is fornication.

Sex between a single person and a married person or between two married people is adultery.

Premarital sex is Sin- Sex before marriage is sin as all the 5 points above depicts. And the wages of sin is death. And you cannot continue in sin and expect that God's grace and blessings continue to abound in your life. Sin is perhaps the reason you are not where your mates are.

Before you die physically, you first die spiritually and then see other things that sex before marriage will expose you to;

Risk of STD- STD is sexually transmitted disease. There are treatable and untreatable sexually transmitted diseases and you never can tell who carries it because STDs don't show on the face.

How about if I use condom?
Even the manufacturers of condom will often say in their advert and on the condom case that there is 2% chance of failure even with the use of condom. Besides, condom may protect you from STD and other risk but it sure cannot protect you from the spiritual implication of sex!

Risk of Pregnancy- It is not necessarily the frequency of sex that leads to pregnancy. One time sex is enough for pregnancy to occur. So, abstain from sex if you are not ready to be a nursing mother or a nursing father! At least your mind will be at rest per chance your monthly period is delayed beyond the expected date.

Risk of Disappointment- Singles who have had sexual intercourse are 90% most likely to break up before wedding or marriage commitments. You are free to share anything together but NOT your bodies. There is nothing really special left in you for him and his family to bring huge tubers of yam (if you are Nigerian) and bride price to your parents when you have given him access to what he shouldn't see just yet. If you truly value your body, you will care who touches it!

Sex shows on the body- When every guy you date have all seen your body and had taken the juice of it, what is left is carcass. That is why your breast is pointing downwards like those of a nursing mother. (Unconsciously you are even checking it now as you read my write-up) The breast of a lady that is yet to have sex ought to be firm except for a few that are busty or chubby. Illicit pre-marital sex has made you look like a woman who had had 5 children.

As for the guys, the number of girls you have had sex with is not a yardstick to measure your masculinity and how much you have 'conquered'. I pray you don't go to the great beyond through the channel you came to the earth!


If this is you, I say a big congratulation to you. Why? The angels in heaven are already excited when a sinner turns from his or her ways.

So, what practicals things do I do?
In your closet, ask God to forgive you. God won't turn this request down, I can assure you!

Stop seeing your partner in sin
Make up your mind that you will no longer indulge in sex until you are married. Remember, where there is a will, there is a way.

Read your Bible more. Go to church more and fellowship with God and the brethren in truth and in spirit.

Listen to soul lifting messages and music
Focus on your career or business
Get a mentor or somebody that you can be accountable to. The person should necessarily be a good Christian, experienced and matured to keep your privates and confidentials.

Get serious about wedding and marriage plans. If the guy (or lady) who is making love with you is not serious about marriage, begin to prepare your mind for someone else!

Friends, honour God with your body and He will honour you. Sex is sweeter and better enjoyed when you are married. Why do it now with all above consequences. Does the consequences worth the temporary pleasure? Your guess is as good as mine!
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