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10 Careers With The Highest Suicide Rates

10 Careers With The Highest Suicide Rates

The truth is that every job has its own share of stress. Some of the things that make a job stressful are high client demand, long working hours and the emotional trauma involved. Most people have found ways of dealing with and overcoming stress. However, many are unable to handle the demands and stress of their job. In extreme cases, such people might end up committing suicide.

Here are some of the careers with the highest suicide rates:

1. Scientists
The work of a scientist can be very demanding. Scientists are usually under intense pressure to innovate and discover, as well as regularly publish new findings. The fierce, and at times cut-throat, competition in the industry can end up being very stressful for scientists. In addition, scientists are prone to stress especially when they discover something harmful in their research. Others spend long days at work, and still have to spend time on research. Such factors can lead to depression and suicidal tendencies.

2. Police officers
The work of a police officer is very attractive to many people, especially to young children. However, the work of a police officer can be very dangerous and stressful. Cops are often required to work long hours with little rest. In addition, they often find themselves dealing with stressful situations such as accidents, fires and murders. As a result, many police officers are likely to suffer from depression, which could lead to suicide.

3. Stock brokers
Working in the financial sector comes with a lot of risk. Since stock brokers are responsible for managing other people’s money, they are always under a lot of pressure to deliver. However, the stock market by nature is very volatile. Due to uncontrollable economic factors, prices of stock can drop dramatically within a matter of days, thus resulting in great losses for investors. This rollercoaster nature of the stock market can be very stressful for stockbrokers. While some weather the storms, others are likely to sink into depression and eventually commit suicide.

4. Real estate agents
Just like stock broking, the real estate industry is also a high reward, high risk career. When the property market is strong, real estate agents can make millions of dollars. However, when there is an oversupply of housing, the prices of property can plummet dramatically leaving real estate agents broke. In addition, there is always intense competition between realtors, which leads to more stress. This is why many real estate agents end up committing suicide.

5. General Doctors
Besides working long hours, doctors have to deal almost daily with patients who are suffering all kinds of ailments. Some of the patients might even end up dying in their care. This is likely to leave doctors stressed and depressed. In addition, doctors might find it difficult to seek professional help when they suffer a mental disorder such as depression. This is due to the fear of ruining their reputation. As a result, they are likely to sink deeper into depression and ultimately commit suicide.

6. Farmers
Farming can be a very profitable and fulfilling career. However, farmers at times incur great losses due to poor weather, natural calamities, diseases and even sabotage. In addition, there is also the risk of losing money due to unfavorable market prices. As a result, farmers are likely to experience depression on a regular basis.

7. Lawyers
Most lawyers experience a significant level of stress during their work. Corporate lawyers have to work long hours to prepare policies and represent their companies. Legal counsels are usually under intense pressure to offer definitive answers. Criminal lawyers are under pressure to defend their clients, whether innocent or not. All this pressure can easily lead to suicide.

8. Construction managers
Construction site managers are responsible for ensuring that everything in the building plan goes as planned. With limited budgets, short timelines and large teams to manage, this is usually a very high pressure job. The stress involved can easily lead into depression and suicide.

9. Surgeons
To begin with, going through medical school and residence can be very stressful. The pressure goes up a notch when you become a practicing surgeon. Apart from the long hours at work, there is always the possibility of losing the person you are operating on. This can lead to depression, and at times suicide.

10. Chiropractors
Chiropractic is a very sensitive practice where anything can go wrong during the treatment of a patient. In some countries, the practice of chiropractics is not covered by insurance. As a result, chiropractors are likely to find themselves facing lawsuits from their clients. The paperwork and bills involved in lawsuits can lead to depression and even suicide.

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