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Saturday, July 11, 2015
Diamond Radio UK Changes To Ahomka Radio UK

Diamond Radio UK Changes To Ahomka Radio UK

The Ghanaian radio station which broadcasts on the sky channel- 0185 in the United Kingdom has changed ownership and rebranded as Ahomka Radio UK under the Group Ndoum management.

This means this media platform is part of the Ahomka radio in Elmina –Ghana, Hedjorle online radio, Ahoto FM, Enyidado FM as well as the Ghanaian Journal.

Does the establishment of this radio station means the exodus of journalists, radio presenters and Disc jockeys flocking to hug a contract with them as usual? That is a question for another day.

The central question is how ready are they to stake their claim in the media broadcasting world within the Ghanaian community living in the UK and the diaspora.

This question is asked because the Ghanaian community needs another Ghanaian radio station other than Rainbow Radio to give them something different, juicy and refreshing in terms of programing.

So Focus Radio was born to bring that needed difference. Their programing was not good enough to fetch advertisers to sustain their existence thereby collapsing and fizzling off.

Then sprung Diamond Radio whose tag line was: the sparkling shine of Africa, on the same channel-0185, after the demise of Focus Radio.

Diamond Radio with all it shines, could not sparkle past their rivals to stake their claim in the Ghanaian community by fetching advertisers to sustain the station, thereby making way for Ahomka.

Now is the turn and time for the Group Ndoum take-over, so all ears and eyes will be on Ahomka Radio to bring, show and offer enough quality and pragmatic programing to seduce both listeners and advertisers toward its audience-ship.

According to their mission and vision, everything looks and feels bright and well colourful as far as the dissemination of information to the Ghanaian community living in the UK is concerned.

But let us not forget the fact that all these are on paper and not yet implemented. The challenge now is to see them hit the airwaves running with all the aplomb, by presenting the best stuff.

As far as the Ghanaian community living in the UK and its environs are concerned, quality programing is what most stand for.

And the survival and viability of every commercial radio station, depends on quality programing in addition to qualified and certified media personnel who knows the media terrain from any given angle.

Having put these necessary structures in place, advertisers will be knocking on their advertising doors at all the time.

In the meantime, just chill with this piece of information as my next point of contact will be an interview with their programs’ manager.


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