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Saturday, July 11, 2015
Menam Na Metete Show And The Queen Of Ghana's Politics In The Diaspora

Menam Na Metete Show And The Queen Of Ghana's Politics In The Diaspora

The Mass Media which is taken as the forth arm of government in a Democratic dispensation, plays a very crucial role towards the globalization of the world we live. Gone are the days whereby societal happenings as well as matters of concern took several days, weeks or months before it is disseminated to the target group.

In this contemporary world, the media be it electronic, printed or social media has become the fastest and easiest mode of disseminating information from one community to another, society to society, nation to nation and across the continent. The media today serves as a platform for educating, entertaining as well as updating the general public on current happenings.

Unlike the past whereby Broadcast Journalism was skewed to one direction, 21st century journalism has inculcated diverse skills and knowledge in our daily lives and history be it political, social, entertainment and what have you.

It takes a person with diverse skills and knowledge as well as other natural-human endowments to skew the media to meet the ears of the target audience.

The most impressive among all media programmes is here with us "MENAM NA METETE" SHOW.

MENAM NA METETE is Ghana's hottest FM station programme in the diaspora with a host very current and knowledgeable to dive into all matters of human concern.

ME NAM NA METETE is an enlightening programme designed by Amansan FM UK to be a platform for an unfinished analysis of topics in the area of politics, economics, social and entertainment where the skillful and most talented host (Lady Gee) dive into issues to unearth the hidden truth. The host (Lady Gee) dive to Ghana to interview learned and knowledgeable beings as Resource Persons to do justice to issues brought on board. Most renowned politicians and public personalities have been interviewed on the show which notable among them includes Former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, Dr. Bawumia, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, Koku Anyidoho and among others.

The unbiased and boldness of the host (Lady Gee) has earned her several attributes. Most people call her "Amanwosem Mu Yaa Asantewaa" while the Whites call her "Iron Lady".

Lady Gee is a Ghanaian base in America . She hails from Akyem Abuakwa. She was born and nurtured in Ghana. She attended Wesley Girls Senior High School in the Central region. Her fairness as a host has made many in the U.S, UK, and other part of the world develop a great taste for the programme. She tackles the bull by it horns and make sure the right thing is kept at the right place. She gained her popular attribute "Amanwomu Yaa Asantewaa" as a result of her fairness in dealing with politicians by putting them where they belong through revealing secrets and unveiling truth be it government or opposition.

What have you heard and what do you think Ghanaians should be aware of?

Don't miss the show "MENAM NA METETE" because you also have a role to play by letting people know what is happening in your area either political, social, cultural, economic or entertainment.

Together we can build a perfect Ghana which our forefathers yearned for.

Ghana wants us to fly it colours and image wherever we find ourselves. Let's fight relentlessly to build a better Ghana where future generation will applause us as we applause the "Big Six"

Save the time.
The Show is aired every Sunday from 7:30pm - 10:00pm(UK, Ghana), 2:30pm USA Eastern time.

Tune in as Lady Gee brings Ghana to your doorstep.
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