Saturday, July 11, 2015
Ghanaians , Africans are

Ghanaians , Africans are "HEALTH ILLITERATES"

Ghanaians , Africans are "HEALTH ILLITERATES" and Most Leaders and public servants in Ghana and Africa are also wicked and ready to kill for MONEY.......

Fake drugs to kill Ghanaians .....

Just some few hours today, I confirmed the TRUE story on fake drugs imported in Ghana with a production or manufacturing date of 04/16 , with the following indications :

BNo 15-016

Mfg Dt. 04/16

Exp. Dt. 03/18

RPNTE Rs. 11.30

PER 10 Tabs.

Inc. All Taxes.

Lets concentrate on the Mfd Dt. 04/16.....

If Afari Gyan, past EC Chairman defended his irregularities as "typographical errors", is this pharmaceutical company also going to defend their dangerous intentions which can kill about 30% of Ghanaians as "typographical errors"?

I leave it unanswered ......

We are in 7/15, how then do we have 04/16 as a manufacturing date for a drug we healthworkers especially doctors, nurses and pharmacists are going to administer to our innocent patients?

Who imported these drugs?

When were the drugs imported?

Which harbor did these drugs passed through?

Are the drugs Ghana made products or foreign?

Who owes the company?

Who were the public servants on duty the day these drugs were imported?

Hmmmm......shaking my head.

So because of private/self interest and money, some authorities allowed these drugs to be in the system just to kill thousands of Ghanaians? How many of these drugs have been sold so far?

Ghanaians are health illiterates but politically literates who eat.politics, bath politics, breath politics and don't know anything about health. We not interested and even willing to become health literates.

All we know is buying the drugs and drinking them, without checking the manufacturing date, expiring date (first two things to check on any drug before usage), name, uses, effects especially side effects of the drugs we buy. I ask the one reading this piece, Have you ever check on manufacturing date and expiry date of a drug you buy at pharmacy before usage?

Have you ever checked the adverse or side effects of the drugs you buy before usage?


Yet you claim you are literates.

To my lovely friends and the less privileged, I understand your situation since you cant read or write, as for you I will boldly say our authorities are not been fair to you. Sake of you, they are not suppose to even allow such drugs in the system at all.....

My advice to you is that, our authorities think of their monies than our lives, hence next time you buy drugs from the pharmacy try and read or seek assistance if you cant read in order to ensure you are not buying expired drugs or fake drugs, which may lead to your death.

I take my rest, but big WOE to the Pharmacists who also buy and sell these drugs in the system.

Love all Ghanaians, but please lets love health and be health literates than politics.

Lets have much insight into health issues than politics and it will help us all.

Our health is our wealth and must be our concern.

STORY BY: Douglas Adu-Fokuo
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