Saturday, July 11, 2015
Africa, Ghana is a disgrace!

Africa, Ghana is a disgrace!

Our Health is our wealth and MUST be our concern!
What happened at the World Diabetes Conference?
Who are those who went there?
Who is in charge or president of the Ghana Diabetes Group?

Who and which account received the 40,000,000 USD (40 million US Dollars)= GHC1,563,907,883,636.21 (1.5 Trillion and over)= 15,639,078,836,360,000 (1.5 quadrillion and over in the old currency)= opepepeeepeeepeepee.....as Late Mills will say. May His soul rest in peace but I know his spirit is in sadness crying over this corruption, defrauding and stealing saga disgracing Ghana and Africa.

Don't our public servants and leaders have mercy, sympathy and empathy on the innocent Ghanaians especially patients?

Why should we use our doctorate and professor certificates to steal and defraud? Huhhh...why?

My emotions flaming up.......
Who told the international association that we have built 401 diabetic centres, 2 ultramodern Diabetic Units at Korle-Bu, Lekma Hospital as Diabetic centre?

Is it TRUE?
What do our leaders gain from telling lies?
Why? Why? Why? Why?
You defraud international diabetes association with your public servants position and you think is not a curse?

What do you gain from that?
Is this not money rituals?
No wonder there have been frequent change in Ministers at the Ministry of Health (4 Ministers have been changed in less than 3 years).

Was the diabetes training done in Ghana? How many health workers especially nurses were trained?

If yes, why are nurses, doctors and Lab technicians still taking blood samples from the thumb to check blood sugar level? Huhhh?

Such a disgrace.....
Why have all the Precious Ministers of health, Media and Journalists apart from Adom fm, Captain smart and his production, kept mute on this stealing and fraudulent saga?

Ghana and Africa must stop politicking vital issues like HEALTH because is our lives.

Ministry of Health, Health Committee at Parliament, Member of Parliaments, Ghana Health Service, ARISE and FOCUS.

# I rest my case, I have said my mind, come and arrest me or beat me up because I wont shut up.

# BNI and the security services, I am highly disappointed in you.

# This is Kofi Ghana, The Health Journalist. *Ka na wu Kofi Ghana.

*sharing is caring. Share the info to get Ghanaians well informed

# Health Journalism in Focus. Kudos Captain Smart and his Production.

By: Douglas Adu-Fokuo
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