Friday, April 15, 2016
Hostile Welcome For Prez Mahama …In Volta, As Kpando Residents Bare Fangs

Hostile Welcome For Prez Mahama …In Volta, As Kpando Residents Bare Fangs

The World Bank (WB) of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) is running out of cash in its vaults. 

President John Dramani Mahama, yesterday received a shocking hostile welcome from the people of Torkor in the Kpando Municipality, in the Volta Region. 

Obviously peeved by the nature of their roads, the residents, some of who had gone to welcome the president strategically positioned themselves around the town and simultaneously, with placards, ruptured into a uniform chorus of “No Road, No Vote” chant.

According to some of these aggrieved residents, mostly drivers who ply the Kpando-Torkor road daily, “We have always been complaining to the authorities about the nature of our roads but nobody seems to be concerned”. 

Because of the nature of the roads, drivers and market women alike have complained bitterly about the inconvenience presented to them and the losses they continue to incur as a result of minor accidents on the road.

These residents have threatened to “surprise” the NDC if nothing is done about the situation.

“The party and government have taken the people of Volta region for granted because they know that come what may, we will vote for them. This time around, we are demanding for the right things to be done. We won't sell our votes to party. We will vote for the party that can give us good roads, schools and employment”, Kosi Amevor, a driver, told our reporter.

What caused the rapturous agitation by the drivers and residents was the speed at which pot holes were patched some few hours before the arrival of the president in the town.

“We never knew roads could be constructed or fixed within some two hour until today”, some surprised residents told this paper. They are, therefore, demanding that with same alacrity and dispatch of duty, “we expect the government to do what is right for the people of Kpando and Torkor”.

The President was in Kpando, Torkor and its environs yesterday to commission a Pantoon and a water bus in Agodeke, an island community in Torkor in the Kpando municipality. The event saw a number of organized groups of people and students from Kpando Technical Institute seen in organized buses, imported into the town and clad in party paraphernalia.
 Source: New Crusading Guide
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