Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Lady accuses Ellen White of having affair with her 'lover'

Lady accuses Ellen White of having affair with her 'lover'

Listeners of Hello FM's Entertainment Review could hardly tune off their frequencies last weekend as a lady who gave her name as Gina called in to accuse Kumawood's Ellen White of hanging out with her long time boyfriend known as Sly.

Ellen Kyei White was on Hello FMs Entertainment Review last weekends with the for promoting her new movie, "Fault".

According to the lady, Gina, she had earlier been informed about some crew members in the movie to be vigilant about the movement of her boyfriend, Sly and Ellen but she never took it serious.

She said she became suspicious when the guy had consistently been telling her about series of meetings in Ellen's house even after the shoot of the movie.

Again, she ended her investigations when she watched the movie. The man in question, Sly, happens to be a character in the movie Fault.

"I had already been informed about their movements but I never took it serious. I became suspicious when Sly consistently told me about series of meetings in Ellen's house concerning drink up. After three good days still he was in her house and wasn't even picking up my calls even after the shoot of the movie. One thing that clears all doubts was when I watched the movie and looking at the kind of romance he was playing with her in the movie she can't tell me she's not going out with him. She should be ready to face me. I understand that's the work he does but couldn't Ellen get any other person to play that role than using Sly?" She quizzed .

Attempt by Dave Hammer to cool angry Gina down proved futile and ended up taking off the lady on the line.

Ellen White has been busily promoting her new movie from her own production, Whites Movie Production, 'Faults' after premiering it in both UK and Ghana.

The movie which is in town features Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Bishop Bernard Nyarko, Ellen White, Sly, just to mention a few.
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