Monday, April 11, 2016
Togo voter pops up in Kumasi

Togo voter pops up in Kumasi

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) seems to have been vindicated for continually claiming that names of foreigners are in the voter register so it must be cleaned.

This follows the detection of a man who holds both Ghana and Togo voter ID cards in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital.

Both voter ID cards bear the same picture but there are slight differences in the names and the way they are spelt on both of them.

The owner lost them in a commercial vehicle and other passengers picked them and showed them to Daily Guide.

Ghana Voter Card

The Ghana voter ID card has the name of one Sylven Kporsu, a 24-year-old male, boldly written on it.

The card has the ‘Electoral Commission of Ghana Voter Card’ written at the top with the red, yellow and green colours of the Ghana flag at the top left corner.

The polling station code on the card is D031801 and it has 1642024259 as the voter ID number written on it.

Registration date of the card is 24/04/2012 and the colour portrait of the bearer is placed at the top right corner.

Togo Voter Card

The Togo voter ID card has an identical picture of the bearer of the Ghana one and it also has the Togo national flag at the top.

The name of the bearer on this card is similar to the name on the Ghana ID card, but there is a slight difference in the spelling of the surname.

Kporsu, which is the surname on the Ghana voter ID card, is spelt as ‘Kponssou’ on the Togo ID card, which also has ‘Dega’ as the other name.

The date of birth of the bearer of the card is given as 31/12/1990, and 25/01/2015 was captured as the manufacturing date.

A French inscription indicating that the document is a national voter ID card of the Republic of Togo is captured at the back of it.

It reads in the French language, “Commission Electorale Nationale Independante” (CENI).

Akato Klegome is given as the address of the bearer of the card, alongside other key information which was captured in French.

NPP Complaint

The NPP has consistently complained that the current voter register is bloated with minors, multiple names and foreigners.

The largest opposition party had called for the cleaning of the electoral roll to make it credible so as to ensure free and fair polls in November.

The NPP had argued that the cleaning of the voter register through validation was the only way to make the document credible.

Backed by their allies, the NPP had organised a series of demonstrations to pressurize the Electoral Commission (EC) to clean the register, but all yielded no results.

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